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Sweet rapture

Oh how I love thee

Violet Elbania Celestian
Oho, don't get me started. Too late.

Let me see...
My name is Violet. Actually, it's Violet Elbania Celestian. So much easier to say Violet, isn't it?

Some say I'm conceited, but I tend to argue. There's a divine difference in being full of yourself and simply not having low self esteem.
Physically, I'm skimming over five feet and three quarters. If you're that interested, you do the math. I have long silvery white hair with purple streaks in it. I don't pull it back. After all, what is the point of having long hair if you just pull it back? The eyes are violet, as probably assumed.

If you want to know anything else, try talking to me, rather than reading my info.